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Juki J150QVP


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Experience JUKI’s high-speed free motion quilting and sewing machine with digital technology from Byrne Sewing! The J-150QVP. With a maximum sewing speed of 2,500spm, this whisper-quiet and durable machine allow you to finish with precision.

The J-150QVP is equipped with features that allow you to make your sewing goals a reality! The generous 12” wide throat allows you to sew and quilt with spatial comfort. Change from sewing to quilting in 2 easy steps! First, change the presser foot, then press the switch function on the LCD panel. Change more features digitally like the tension, speed, box feeding system, lock/backstitching, and more!

With features like these, the J-150QVP is perfect for getting that finished product you want!

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  • Large Work Surface: The generous 12” wide throat space allows you to finish big projects with ease.
  • Custom Switches: Two easily accessible switches (A and B) can be assigned for operations, for example, needle up and down or raising the presser foot.
  • Independent Bobbin Winder: The QVP’s bobbin winder operates with an independent motor. Full capacity L size bobbins filled with your favorite thread ready to complete your project.
  • One-Touch Switching to Free Motion Mode: The machine is equipped with a button for switching between straight stitch mode and free motion mode.
  • Micro-Lifter Function: By inputting a negative value for the presser foot pressure, fabric can be sewn with the presser foot floating at a height of 0 to 4mm. This helps when sewing thick seams and reduces uneven feeding when quilting.
  • Digitally Controlled LCD Panel: Adjust settings, for example, stitch length, thread tension, presser foot pressure with the touch of a button. Settings can be confirmed and specified from this large panel.
  • Bobbin Thread Counter: With the count changing by one for every 10 stitches sewn, the counter can be used as a guide for when to replace the bobbin thread.
  • Four Feed Operation Types: From the operation panel, you can select the appropriate feed operation for the item being sewn: standard for normal fabric, front up for thin fabric or knits, rear up for thick fabrics, and box feed for quilting. 
  • Adjustable LED Light: using an easily accessible switch, the brightness can be adjusted to one of five levels. 
  • Easily Insert and Remove Thick Fabrics: When the presser foot is raised, the feed dog is automatically lowered. In addition, the presser foot can be raised to a height of up to 13.5mm allowing thick fabrics to easily be inserted and removed.
  • Maintenance-Free: Fill oil tank through the filler opening at the front of the sewing machine to ensure that the hook is automatically lubricated.


The Juki J150QVP is a high-performance sewing machine that offers a range of features and capabilities. If you're considering buying the Juki J150QVP from Byrne Sewing, here are some reasons to consider:

1. Professional-Grade Performance: The Juki J150QVP is designed for professional and advanced sewers who require precision and speed. It has a high sewing speed of up to 2,500 stitches per minute, allowing you to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

2. Superior Stitch Quality: This sewing machine provides exceptional stitch quality, thanks to its advanced technology and robust construction. It has a large throat space, making it suitable for quilting and other large-scale projects. The machine also offers precise tension control and stitch regulation for consistent and beautiful stitches.

3. Wide Range of Stitch Options: The Juki J150QVP comes with a wide variety of built-in stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches, and alphabet fonts. It also has adjustable stitch length and width, giving you flexibility in your creative projects.

4. Advanced Quilting Features: If you're a quilter, the Juki J150QVP offers several features tailored to quilting. It has a generous work area, a built-in dual feed mechanism for even fabric feeding, and the ability to create free-motion quilting designs. These features make it easier to handle large quilts and achieve professional-looking results.

5. Durability and Reliability: Juki is known for manufacturing durable and reliable sewing machines, and the J150QVP is no exception. It has a sturdy build quality, ensuring that it can withstand heavy use and last for years. This machine is designed to handle demanding projects without compromising on performance.

6. Byrne Sewing's Reputation: Byrne Sewing is a reputable retailer that specializes in sewing machines and supplies. They have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and offer excellent customer service. Purchasing the Juki J150QVP from Byrne Sewing ensures you are buying from a trusted source and can rely on their support.


Included Accessories:

  • Standard Presser Foot
  • ¼” Presser Foot
  • Quilting Foot (for Ruler)
  • Bobbins (4pcs)
  • Needles
  • Thread Stand Components
  • Thread Stand Bracket
  • Thread Guide Pin
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Hexagonal Wrench
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Spool Cap
  • Sewing Machine Cover
  • Oiler

Optional Accessories:

  • Glide Foot, (Part No. 40201924)
  • Couching Foot, (Part No. 40148899)

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