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Baby Lock BLES4 Acclaim


aby Lock BLES4 Acclaim Air Threading Serger Details

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Baby Lock's BLES4 Acclaim Serger is packed with luxury features that make serging easy and produce professionally finished apparel. The coveted RevolutionAir™ Threading System and tubular looper take the stress out of threading a serger. Thread in any order you choose, there are no guides to hamper you! This system uses a powerful jet of air to thread both loopers and needles with the press of a button. Create stitches using 2/3/4 Threads; including two thread rolled hemming. You will not find a tension adjusting dial on the Baby Lock BLES4 Acclaim Serger as it features an Automatic Thread Delivery™ System (ATD). Simply select the settings for your desired stitch and the Acclaim will automatically adjust the tension for you. Other features include an advanced knife which cuts through thick fabrics effortlessly, a differential feed which ensures consistent gathering on any fabric type, and a mobile stitch finger which moves along with the knife keeping the cutting width consistent. Three bright LED bulbs illuminate your work area; reducing eye strain. Continue reading to discover more about the Baby Lock BLES4 Acclaim Serger.


RevolutionAir™ Threading System:
Take the stress out of serger threading with the coveted RevolutionAir™ Threading System and tubular loopers. Color-coded guides take you step-by-step through the upper threading process. When you reach the needles and the lower threading area, simply press the air threading buttons, and the Acclaim will do the work for you.

Automatic Thread Delivery™ System:
The BLES4 Acclaim sets the proper thread tension when you set your stitch up.

4/3/2 Thread Serging:
Create various stitches with as little as two threads and as many as four. Create two thread rolled hems by simply turning a dial. The BLES4 Acclaim also features the patented Wave Stitch!

Adjustable Foot Pressure:
A built-in adjustment dial allows you to apply more pressure to the presser foot for thinner fabrics. Reducing the presser for thicker fabrics ensures a smooth feed and even stitches.

Differential Feed:
Differential feed creates elegant ruffles. Gathering Ratio: 2 to 1 ratio; Stretch Ratio: 3 to 4 ratio.

Air Threading Loopers
Air Threading Needles
Max Stitch Length: 4mm
Max Stitch Width: 7.5mm
Weight: 24.7 lbs
Size: 13.875in x 17.125in x 12.75in
Automatic Thread Tension Control

Included Accessories:
All-Purpose Presser Foot
Lint Brush/Needle Inserter
Assorted Needle Set
Allen Screwdriver
Replacement Upper Blade
Looper Threading Tool
Soft Cover
Thread Nets x 4
Spool Caps x 4
Sponge Discs x 4
Allen Wrench
Cone Holders x 4

Optional Accessories:
Presser Foot Kit
Trim Bin
Serger Trolley Bag
Beading Foot
Blindhem Foot
Clear Foot
Cording Foot 3mm
Cording Foot 5mm
Elastic Foot
Flat Sole Foot
Lace Application Foot
Ruffling Foot
Teflon Foot

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