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Angela Wolf Master Classes- Brother Luminaire

Brother Luminaire Masterclass includes lessons and projects using the XP1, XP2 and XP3 features. Learn how to set up your machine, sewing, quilting, and embroidery with Angela Wolf's Masterclass.

You will receive an access code after purchasing by mail. 

Course curriculum

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Luminaire Masterclass

Chapter 2: Get to Know Your Machine

 Chapter 3: Let's Get Sewing 

Chapter 4: Sewing Tapering Stitches - XP3

Chapter 5: Project - Decorative Stitch Sewing Tote

 Chapter 6: My Design Center Chapter 7: Project - Customized Mug Rug 
Chapter 8: Embroidery 

Chapter 9: More Embroidery! XP3 
Chapter 10: Learn to Embroider Lace
Chapter 11: Learn How to Connect Larger Embroidery Designs - XP3
Chapter 12: Adding Letters, Frames, and Outlines in Embroidery
Chapter 13: Embellishing Muvit Dual Feed Foot, Couching, & Free Motion Embroidery 
Chapter 14: Embroidered Couched Letters - XP3
Chapter 15: My Design Center, Monogram, Applique, & ScanNCut
Chapter 16: Project - Zippered Bag
Chapter 17: Quilt-Broidery & Quilt Sashing
Chapter 18: Edge to Edge Quilting 
Chapter 19: Buttonholes, Buttons, & Border Feature
Chapter 20: Check out the Long Stitch Embroidery Designs - XP3
Chapter 21: For Your Convenience - LIVE Video Library Replays

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