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MOD 2061 Electric Lift Sewing Cabinet

Electric lift moves with the touch of a button and auto stops for different lift positions
Three programmable lift positions: free arm, flat bed and storage
65-pound sewing machine capacity
A solid platform to minimize vibration which typically results in skipped stitches
Quilt leaf is stored on the back of the cabinet which helps keep large projects from pulling or laying on the floorÂ
Includes a retractable, hinged pocket door that slides in and out of a side pocketÂ
Two adjustable height shelves for extra storageÂ
Includes a wooden cover to place over the sewing well when your sewing machine is in the storage position to create a flush surface for other projects
Pocket door to conceal your machine in storage position to keep it tucked away and safeÂ
Designed to work with a
custom machine insert
to create a completely flush workspace increasing comfort and efficiencyÂ
Sewing machine opening is beveled with ¼Â ledgeÂ
Use alone or in conjunction with other
MOD components
Lifetime warranty, worry-free performance
Available Finish: White

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