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Laverne and Shirley- White

Sturdy design with locking casters for portability and stabilityÂÂ
Large lift opening to fit standard sewing machines on the market, up to 55 lbsÂ
Dual-hydraulic lift
Provides support from both sides of the liftÂ
Designed with gas strut mechanism
Moves your machine into three positions: free arm, flat bed, and storage
Expandable caddy for ironing and cutting workspace
Designed to work with a custom machine insert increasing comfort and efficiency
Quilt leaf stored on the back of the cabinetÂ
Expands your workspace and prevents large quilts or large pieces of fabric from pulling and ending up on the floor
Door cubby for holding notions and other materials
Available Finishes: Teak or WhiteÂ
The Laverne and Shirley features tough melamine laminate, MDF, and composite wood
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Cabinet Finish
Teak, White

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