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[Repair & Servicing]

One of the biggest concerns when purchasing any sewing machine or vacuum cleaner is what to do when it’s time for service or a needed repair. Service can become a big problem, especially if you buy a machine online and have to deal with the hassle of shipping it to the manufacturer and waiting weeks for its return.

At Byrne Sewing, we have superior machine repair and servicing at our local location in New Britain. We take great pride in our exceptional service and repair department and truly believe our factory-trained technicians are the best in the industry, bringing years of experience and factory training to every machine they service. They also work hand-in-hand with manufacturers to make sure that your machine is efficiently serviced and kept up-to-date with the right parts and highest quality workmanship. Byrne Sewing offers expert service and repairs for sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers, long-arm quilting machines, industrial sewing machines, vacuums, and more.

We service almost all makes and models of sewing and embroidery machines, industrials, sergers, longarms, and multi-needles. We offer vacuum servicing and scissor sharpening, too. 

All machines brought in will be charged the base cleaning and servicing fee. Customers will receive an approval call if the total bill goes $25 over the base cleaning fee.

Some services we offer:

-General Service/ Yearly Maintenance
-Tension Adjustments
-Embroidery unit service
-Scissor sharpening
-Pinking shear sharpening
-School Machine Maintenance

FAQ Repair Questions:

What do I have to bring in with my machine?

Brother, Babylock, Bernina, and Juki machines only need to be dropped off with a bobbin and bobbin case*. All other brand machines need to be dropped off with a power cord, foot control, bobbin, and bobbin case.

*If you are having an electrical problem with your machine, please also bring in the power cord and foot control

How long does it take to repair?

Machines that require servicing and basic adjustments have a 3-week turnaround time. Machines requiring parts to be installed and ordered have a longer turnaround time for repair.

If my machine can’t be fixed, do I get charged?

If your machine is not fixable, there is a $50 diagnostic fee.

If my machine is heavy or in a cabinet, do I have to bring it in?

Yes, machines set into cabinets can most times come out by unscrewing the hinges off the cabinet attached to the machine. We know machines can be extremely heavy, If you can get your machine here we can always get it out to the car for you.

If I bought my machine somewhere else, can you still repair it?

Yes! If you have a machine purchased elsewhere, we are happy to clean and service your machine with our certified technicians. 

Do you service & repair school machines?

We love to support sewing in our local community. We offer yearly summer maintenance on school machines. To set up a service contract, email Jess at

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