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KimberBell Bench Pillow POM

This POM (Pillow of the Month!) is a really fun twist on the BOM concept. Each month pick up one of Kimberbell's adorable bench pillow patterns - all kitted up and ready to sew. Perfect for beds, benches and sofa, too! Each month get a new cute seasonal pillow kit. Pillow approximately 16" x 38." This is a twelve-month program. We'll start with six and if you like it, we'll schedule more going forward. No registration fee but pay all months upfront and receive a pillow form kit FREE!

Begins February 1 for 6 mos. S29.95 each - Call to sign up!!!

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We've found that quilters are almost all strippers at heart. (The good kind, of course!) So we've designed this fun club to cater to a stripper's needs. We have discovered a great collection of patterns and tools that make stripping fun and easy. Each month we meet on the 3rd Thursday at 10am or 6pm for an hour or so, where we reveal a strip-pieced design, share some exciting demos for strip-piecing, and enjoy a little quilting fun. Your $5 gets you into the club and a FREE pattern!

1 session - $5 - 10am or 6pm
Thursdays - 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21

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Ellen Conoscenti

From the creator of Stitcher's Garden... We started this in the fall, but if you would like to tag along for the final 7 projects, you are more than welcome! This class is designed so that you learn lots of different techniques and tools to make your sewing more creative. Projects are most often (but not always!) a tea towel with a combination of sewing and embroidery techniques. Don't have an embroidery machine? No problem… directions are included for a machine-embroidered version (using your own sewing machine.) Sew... a great way to enhance your machine knowledge, lots of inspiration and you don't have to invest in a whole quilt. Class fee includes lecture demo and kit fee for project. Note: We'll be doubling up on projects for the months of February, March and April, with the final single kit in May to get this collection finished before beach season!

1 session - $35
Tuesdays-2/3, 3/3, 4/7, 5/5 ($20) - 10:30-12 noon

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Let's get together and share ideas, inspiration and tips for using your ScanNCut in all kinds of fun and creative ways. See what others are doing and see how your ScanNCut can make so many fun projects soooo much easier! Interested in Scrapbooking? Check out our Scrapbooking Session under "Other stuff!"

1 session - $15
Saturdays - 2/21 (2-4pm), 4/25 (10:30-12:30pm)
Thursday - 4/23 - 6-8pm

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